Tuesday, June 8, 2010


That big dark one in the center is from Aldi, the pale sad ones on the left are from Stanley's

Clearly, I can't get enough of the little guys. And I can't stop taking pictures of them either. (Mostly because none of them turn out like I want.) I made my second batch of mini pies today, what with the extra dough and extra pound and a half of cherries I had laying around. This time I added slightly fewer cherries to the filling and cooked them a little longer so that their would be more liquid in the filling and the cherries would be a little bit more tender. It worked great. I'm also becoming incredibly zen about pitting cherries. I zone out the whole time I'm doing it and whenever I've done as many as I need, its really diffcult to stop pitting. I like to think of it as a strength.

BUT. That pound and a half of cherries consisted of 1 pound of Aldi cherries and a 1/2 pound of Stanley's cherries. The differences between the two is kinda shocking. Originally I couldn't figure it out but I think it might have something to do with Stanley's focusing on local produce while Aldi's cherries come from California.

Its important to point out that the Aldi ones were $2.99/lb and the ones from Stanleys were 98¢/lb. So that could be a factor.

These cherries from Aldi are seriously fantastic. They look gorgeous on the outside, and when you half and pit them they're the perfect color of super deep red, darkening to almost black in the center. They stain my hands in a particularly rewarding way and taste amazing. The Stanley's ones... not so much. They're pale, they don't stain at all and they taste.. well... fine.

See the difference below (I still can't quite get the camera to be as accurate as I need to illustrate my point, but I suppose you might get the idea):

Maybe I just didn't pick the right bag of them at Stanley's, but I think I might just go ahead and overpay at Aldi for a while.

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