Monday, June 7, 2010


I’ve known this day was coming for a while. My mint was getting out of hand, as I’d been told it would by a very nervous-sounding article, found by way of google search, that instructed me to wrap my mint in tight plastic bags if ever I was throwing it away so that it didn’t grow roots in my garbage can. I finally got around to splitting up the party this afternoon.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that I failed miserably. I’m also gonna go ahead and say that I blame Benny. See, he knows way more about gardening than a 25 year old bearded man should. And even as often as I ask him for advice on my herb garden, he claims to have no knowledge until after I’ve ruined it. I’m convinced that his favorite past-time is telling me the proper way to do something directly after it’s too late.

I swear to you, this little strainer full of mint and lime looked amazing before I let it sit in my hot apartment for 3 hours.

I will say that I had seen this coming and was planning that it might be a disaster but if mint is as resilient as they say it is, I’m sure my mint plant (I call her Betty) will be able to handle a quick butchering. The problem was that all my mint was growing out of one big stem and I didn’t know how much damage it would do if I tried to cut it in half, so I just pruned the be-jesus out of it, tore the crap out of the roots, and separated some new sprouts into a different pot. So basically, Betty got annihilated.

I say if she could grow in the garbage can, she’ll do just fine.

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