Sunday, May 30, 2010



This little lady was 3 sprigs and a tic tac when I bought her a week ago for only 2.50 at Home Depot, my number 2 store that people are put off that I visit regularly (not out of necessity, but for fun) and then shocked to learn that I am actually obsessed with. Number 1 is J. Crew. Their shock usually turns to pity pretty quickly when they learn that I visit there regularly and lust after the clothes without ever buying anything because I am way too cheap for that place. Truthfully, though I lust, it really wouldn't be my style. But I digress. The real tragedy here is that, as I watch the mint's growth spurt, I've realized I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to use it for. A mojito here and there would be acceptable and its so good in my iced tea, but I need more than that. And I'm not feeling up to making lamb.

In terms of my other herbs, all are growing way faster than I expected and require to be watered practically 3 times a day, due to the heat we're dealing with here. I expect to be separating and re-potting them soon.

That second basil plant (the one in the middle) was teeny when I first bought it and so I put it next to the larger basil plant in hopes that it would be intimidated into rapid growth and I think it might be working! I'm so proud of all my little plants. I've also growing lavender (on the far right) and parsley, which are coming along quite nicely.

At first, I felt pretty strange about just plucking a leaf off a house plant and sticking it in my salad. I mean, I don't quite talk to my plants but I take good care of them and feel personally attached to them. I also feel very proud of them when they grow. But I'm getting pretty used to eating from my basil plant and it got about ten times easier after I tasted it.

I read somewhere that the best way to grow lemongrass (which apparently is one of those plants most people can't stop from growing because of how well it spreads) is to take a stalk from the grocery store and stick it in some water until it grows roots, upon which you plant it. Naturally, I tried it. After checking on my sad little murky-water lemongrass daily to no avail, I was starting to lose faith in this plan. Yesterday I decided to check on it one last time and it had one tiny root coming out of the bottom! This morning there were two. I'm dying with excitement! And feeling quite proud of myself as well. There really isn't much of anywhere to get lemongrass around here and I would be so happy to grow it myself.

Current Soundtrack : "Let's Go Surfing" by The Drums

This song is PERFECT summer music. And its going great with the iced tea I'm sipping in front of the fan. I wish to be in a bar in cuba right now drinking rum. Maybe I'll start posting recipe soundtracks. That could be interesting, no?

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