Sunday, May 30, 2010


It is HOT around these parts. I'm still hiding in my room most days but I'm trying to venture out into the kitchen as often as possible. I figured this would go impossibly well with my lemongrass chicken (previous post) and it absoulutely did.

Its simple really, I just made a ginger simple syrup (recipe below) and a batch of ginger peach tea this morning and put both in the fridge. I got the ginger peach tea from Aldi - Only $1! And I have to say, this drink is making me feel almost good (!) about the heat. I'm going to try it with some mango juice and lime later or maybe some pomegranate liqueur.

Ooh! Or with any of the three tropical schnapps I got at Jungle Jim's! (Mango, Papaya, or Pineapple Coconut) I'll update if any of them are amazing.

All you have to do to prepare it is muddle 1 or 2 fresh mint leaves in the bottom of glass, fill the glass with ice and then pour in the desired amount of ginger syrup, top with iced tea. Pour the entire glass into a larger glass, and then back into the original to give it a quick mix without shaking or stirring. (called boxing in the bartending world)



1 Piece of ginger, about 3 inches long, peeled and sliced into large pieces (The more the better)
2 cups sugar
1 cup water

Bring all the ingredients to a gentle boil a small saucepan. Using a candy thermometer, raise the heat and continue to boil until sugar is dissolved and mixture reaches 225ºF. Its also possible to eye it, the mixture should be done when it is a syrup-y consistency.

Let syrup cool and then transfer to an airtight container and chill.

** - This syrup is fabulous for so many things. One of the best ways I've ever had it is with champagne and pomegranate liqueur in a sugar-rimmed glass. Best champagne cocktail ever. I also plan to soak a sponge cake in it asap.

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